Auto Entry Tools

Auto entry tools and lockout tools are widely available through a variety of manufacturers for the security professional and the locksmith that specializes in lockouts.

Opening Locked Cars - Auto opening can be a lucrative part of any locksmithing business. For some, it's the only source of income. Lockout specialists can command anywhere from $30 - 90 per hour!

Bill Phillips, author of LOCKSMITHING explains vehicle opening in detail. "In order to understand how to open a locked vehicle, you need to understand how vehicle locks work. In most cases, a locked vehicle can be opened by lifting up or pushing down on the lock pawl, pulling the lock rod up, puching the lock rod forward, lifting the lock rod button, or by picking the lock. The lock pawl can generally be manipulated with an L-shaped tool. Doors with vertical lock rods can usually be opened by using a tool to hook the lock rod and pull it up.

Doors with horizontal lock rods can usually be opened by using a tool to hook the rod and pulling it forward.

Naturally, a security professional or a locksmith will use auto opening tools that are not available in the local hardware store to do the job right.

There are a lot of manuals available on the subject of automobile opening. Some of the publishers also sell lockout tools and kits. The manuals are full of invaluable information for the lockout specialist or security professional and the lock opening information is updated regularly to keep up with all the new models of cars coming onto the market.

Typical multi-tool auto opening kits will contain several L tools of different sizes, several different sizes of tools for lifting a lock button rod and generally a wedge of two. ProLok makes some excellent auto opening (lockout) kits.

Our Recommended Resource For Auto Entry Tools is LPS - Locksmith Parts and Supplies

A lot of people know about using a slim jim as they are often sold in auto supply stores. It wasn't that long ago that almost any locked vehicle could be opened by inserting a flat piece of metal into the door between the car window and the weather stripping, then moving it up and down and left to right until it caught something that unlocked the door. Times (and automobile locks) have changed considerably. Automobile manufacturers are making cars much more difficult to open. Manufacturers are building lock systems with more anti-jimmy components. The flat piece of metal isn't nearly as effective as it used to be...nor is the wire hanger we've all used at one time or another to try to pop the lock. Our advice? Don't try to get into a locked vehicle without the key unless you're a pro. You can do some real damage to your car and destroy the weather the very least. Using a slim jim, homemade or otherwise can severely damage a car's locking system that may prevent the operation of the car door locks with the key. Learning to use the newest auto entry tools, or paying a pro to do the job will save you and your family a lot of headaches - and possibly, a lot of money.

Auto Entry Tools

Auto Entry Tools