Lock Pick Sets

A good lock pick set is necessary for every locksmith to have in his tool chest. Lock pick sets consist of lock picks and tension wrenches housed in a carrying case. Professional lock pick sets contain a wide variety of picking tools. There are many different brands of lock picking tools and which brand is best is largely personal preference. We recommend USA made lock picking tools and lock pick sets. It is crucial to purchase picks that are rust-proof. Lock pick sets are generally carried in a locksmith's pocket. If your tools are not rust-proof, the natural oils and perspiration of your body will cause the tools to rust and will stain your wallet and clothing as well.

Lock Pick Sets we Recommend for US- made locks
Euro & Japanese Lock Pick Sets - by SouthOrd
Peterson Lock Pick Sets

Before you purchase a lock pick set keep the following things in mind:

  • It is beneficial to use the narrowest picks available in order to give yourself maximum space to work in.
  • Many professionals have 2 pick sets. A standard lock pick set as well as a set with slimmer, thinner picks that work on narrow keyways and foreign made locks.
    Southern Ordnance, a US company, manufactures a line of lock picks designed especially for European and Japanese locks, which have longer, narrower keyways than most pin tumbler locks found in the U.S. "Slim Line" lock picks though originally designed for European and Japanese manufactured locks, also work well on all U.S. made pin tumbler locks, especially those with small or narrow keyways. Traditional European and Japanese locks are designed similarly to USA made locks with one exception. As a rule, there is considerably less room to work in. Using lock picks that are specially designed for longer,more narrow keyways with smaller tool heads and a sleek, slim shape make the job a lot easier.
  • Lock picking is the locksmith's ultimate test. It will try your knowledge as well as your skill and dexterity. The set you choose is important and should be of high quality if you plan to use it in the field.
  • If you are just starting out don't spend $100 on a pro set. Get an inexpensive set of lock picks and practice, practice, practice. When you are good enough and aren't breaking the tools due to excessive force (a common mistake) then purchase a good set.
  • Note: In many jurisdictions it is illegal to possess lock picks without a locksmith license. If you are a student of the trade or a locksmith apprentice you may only be able to use the picks during class or on the job. You likely will not be able to transport them or have them in your own possession. Check with your local authorities before purchasing a lock pick set.

lock pick sets

Lock Pick Sets